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PostSubject: RULES FOR BANNER POSTING!   Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:35 pm

They're pretty much the same as the avatar rules:

1) Don't be mean.
2) The title of your topic must include your username/nickname, update date, number of banners, and house, assuming you want your banners counted for housepoints.
3) Keep your image codes up to date.
4) Update your first post. You may also include updates in new posts, but make sure your first post is updated as well.
5) Don't post avies here. There's a section for that. If you make a set and want to have the avie with the banner that's fine, but it won't be counted.
6) Galleries that remain inactive for more than three months will be graveyarded. No exceptions. If you'd like your thread removed from the graveyard, contact twirls.

If I forgot anything, I'll add it guys are all awesome!



i did some research, and i think i may be madly in love with you.

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