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 Suomineito's sorting

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Number of posts : 9
Location : Finland
Registration date : 2010-06-16

PostSubject: Suomineito's sorting   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:44 pm

1. What do you do in your spare time?
e) Read. I'm also on the computer a lot. At the moment I'm learning Mando'a (the Mandalorian language), which is the only proper language in the Star Wars universe. Maybe Klingon too at some point.

2. You are best known as...
b) Nice
d) Quiet, shy

3. You would rather be a...
f) Pianist

4. If you could be a vampire, who would you be and why?
(Your choices are Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme)
I'm not certain. Alice marches to her own drummer, and saying that I don't conform would definitely be an understatement. However, I like Emmett's sense of humour, and though I'm generally quiet and serious, I joke around a lot too (though I mostly PUNish).

5. Your favourite colour?
b)Light brown/brown

6. What do you think of Rosalie?
I think she's quite shallow and kind of irritating.

7. What do you think of Emmett?
As stated earlier, I like his sense of humour.

8. What do you think of Alice?
I think she's a really nice person and quite funny.

11. What do you think of Jasper?
Emovamp! lol, joke. I find his character very intriguing.

12. What do you think of Carlisle?
He is my favourite character in Twilight.

13. What do you think of Esme?
I don't really have an opinion.

14. What do you think of Edward?
I think his character is unrealistically perfect.

15. What do you think of Bella?
Pretty much the same.

16. What do you think of Forks?
I've never been there, so I don't really have an opinion. They're also good for eating with, but it would probably be a good idea to use a spoon when eating soup.

17. Do you like the vampires? Or the werewolves?
Werewolves, because the werewolves are strong and fast while not technically being immortal.

18. If you were a vampire, which animal would you hunt and why?
Monkeys Twisted Evil ! Not really. I don't know.

19. Do you like cars?
Only if it's hybrid, and even then not very much.
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Number of posts : 6899
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Location : representing for the gangstas all across the world
House : Head of Emmett, wanna make something of it?
Registration date : 2008-03-24

PostSubject: Re: Suomineito's sorting   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:53 pm

Hmmm. I'd say Carlisle? Someone double-check me?


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Number of posts : 2993
Age : 25
Location : pretending that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...
House : Empathetic Special Motherly Emotional: E.S.M.E
Registration date : 2008-06-21

PostSubject: Re: Suomineito's sorting   Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:08 pm

I know im not a sorter, but i doubt any of the others come online anymore. I say Emmett really. throughout his/her sorting he/she makes a lot of puns and jokes and can be a little blunt particularly when it comes to character description and opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: Suomineito's sorting   Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:00 pm

Im going to have to say Carlisle.

Sorry Hana <3
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PostSubject: Re: Suomineito's sorting   

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Suomineito's sorting
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